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Symbolic reparations are measures that can provide victims with satisfaction and are often seen as efforts to keep the violations from being repeated in the future.


Satisfaction includes any or all of the following:

  • Effective measures aimed at the cessation of continuing violations
  • Verification of the facts, and full and public disclosure of the truth to the extent that such disclosure does not cause further harm or threaten the safety and interests of the victim, the victim’s relatives, witnesses, or persons who have intervened to assist the victim or prevent the occurrence of further violations
  • The search for the disappeared, for the identities of children abducted, and for the bodies of those killed, and assistance in the recovery, identification and reburial of the bodies in accordance with the expressed or presumed wish of the victims, or the cultural practices of the families and communities
  • An official declaration or a judicial decision restoring the dignity, reputation, and rights of the victim and of persons closely connected with the victim
  • Public apology, including acknowledgement of the facts and acceptance of responsibility
  • Judicial and administrative sanctions against persons liable for the violations
  • Commemorations and tributes to the victims
  • Inclusion of an accurate account of the violations that occurred in trainings and in educational material at all levels.