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Hok bisaror rasta

Today we are going to talk about the pathways for justice, for victims of gender-based violence.

Aijja aara gender based violenceor shikar oiyyede mozulum okkor la hokbisaror rastar babuthe hotha hoiyyum.

It is not an easy road and very few have been successful in this area but we will continue to inspire each other and try. Again if at any time this information is creating some strong emotions for yourself, please stop the video, talk to each other, take care of each other, do some exercise, go for a walk. This is a very long journey and we need to take care of each other.

Eyan hono asan rasta naw ar e jagath beshi hom manushe kamiyab oiyye lekin ara ekjone arek zonore bol diyum ar kowshish goijjum. Abr hoir zodi ei jankari gune onnore beshi mon horap gori dile yato hadani anile, meherbani goriore video wa bon gori dawn, ekzone r ekjonor loi hotha hon, ekzone r ekzonor kheyal rakhon, kicchu biyam goron, hadito zawn. Yan ekkhan lamba sofor ar aara ekzonttu r ekzonor kheyal rakhonnan zoruri

So, what are the pathways to justice for victims of GBV? Toile GBVr shikar oiyya mozulum okkolor la hok bisaror rasta ki ki?

There are 5 international pathways that we will discuss in this lesson and there are also the national processes inside Myanmar. Some of those are very problematic, all of them are challenging.

5an international rasta ase zinor babuthe aara ei sobokoth biasana goijjum ar Bormar vutore deshitta kanunor babutheo biasana goijjum. Here vutore kicchu beshi moshkil ola, bekkhun challenge wala.